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Outdoor media is media that is still often used and is still very relevant. With more than 10 years of experience in the advertising industry, we offer a one-stop outdoor media solution that can help you reach your wider audience.

Digital Marketing

As one of the most effective channels in the marketing industry today, digital marketing has become a very popular demand. Supported by a team of experts and experienced in digital marketing, we strive to help improve your business so that it is more targeted and more attained wide reach.

Event Organizer

Events are a great way to build relationships with your audience. By having many experienced teams and already 9 years engaged in the event industry, we believe it can help you build relationships with the audience and provide experience for the audience.

One Stop Printing Solution

Printing is still very much needed for businesses to be able to communicate the message of their products. With the latest machines and keeping up with the times, we provide one-stop solution printing services which include large format printing, offset printing, and screen printing.

About Us.

Prioritizing Integrity

Maqnet is one of the leading advertising group companies in Indonesia that provides complete solutions in branding, marketing, communication, technology, strategy & digital execution, events and printing for major industry players in Indonesia.

We prioritize integrity, strong teamwork, innovation in every work we do, and always try to build trust for clients and audiences.

Out of Home Advertising95%
Digital Marketing85%
Event Organizer85%
One Stop Printing Solution75%

Kolaborasi Adalah Kunci

– Doni –

CEO of Maqnet

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